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Instruments of the world

Choose between an interactive guided tour of the exhibition rooms or a guided tour +, which combines a general discovery of the collections with a session in the Atelier, a space dedicated to musical practice.

Guided tour

1st-6th secondary

On this virtual journey through the five continents, students will not only discover unusual instruments and their sounds, but will also compare their view of music with that of other societies. For in most cultures, music retains a functional role that is somewhat forgotten in Europe. When and why is music played? What is its purpose? The guide will ask the pupils to reflect on these questions, while giving them the opportunity to listen to numerous musical extracts and play instruments.

Guided tour +

1st-6th secondary

In this tour, you will get to know instruments from different cultures and parts of the world. The talking drums and harps of the Griots from the African continent, the Javanese gamelan orchestra and the colourful instruments of the Indian court, the mysterious music of the Tibetan monks and the cheerful Mexican music will take you far from home. In Europe, too, there is much to experience: where do bagpipes come from, how do you play a bumblebee and how do you get sound from an accordion? In the Atelier, you will practise playing the rhythms of Africa and Asia on djembes, dumdums, tambourines, gongs and metallophones and, together with your classmates, make music from all over the world.


Price: € 90 (15 children+ 1 supervisor per group, 3 groups maximum)
Time: 90 min
Bookings: complete this form or call +32 (0)2 741 73 02