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Carefully selected guest speakers sharing their love for their favourite instrument(s) is what the MIM's podcast series is all about. Listen and enjoy before or after a visit to the Museum: to discover the collections, deepen your knowledge, or do both!

Rutger Mathys: harmonica (in Dutch)

During the Toots Year 2022, we got to know harmonica player Rutger Mathys. Meanwhile he graduated from the Rotterdam conservatory so we kindly asked him to share his knowledge with us. Don't hesitate to see him at work at one of the summer festivals, in a jazz club somewhere in Belgium, or beyond!

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Olivier Latry: organ (in French)

Olivier Latry plays the organ at Notre-Dame de Paris and is a professor at the Conservatoire National Supérieur. With him, we take you on a tour of the instrument collection, as well as the archives and iconography held in the library. It is a great way to rediscover this crazy instrument: the organ. A combination of technology and immensity, both powerful and delicate, made of wood, metal and wind...

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Olivier Latry
©Henri Buffeteau

Amy Norrington: cello (in Dutch)

After 12 editions, the Resonances festival has become an internationally renowned chamber music festival. Artistic director and brilliant cellist Amy Norrington visited the MIM in spring 2023 to talk about the instruments and repertoire that inspire her. That it was mostly cellos was a bit predictable of course... Her repertoire ranges from Bach to contemporary composers.

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Lucile Boulanger: viola da gamba (in French)

Lucile Boulanger, rising-star of the viola da gamba in France, gave us a short visit at the MIM, where for a few moments we stood still in front of some beautiful ancient instruments...

Lucile grew up in a family of artists and learned both music and acting in her youth. She finally decided to concentrate on music, and in particular on the viola da gamba, a distant cousin of the cello.

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© Alix Laveau

Floris de Rycker: lute (in Dutch)

Lute and guitar player Floris de Rycker visited the MIM to get inspired by the plucked instruments on display on the recently renovated 1st floor. With his ensemble Ratas del Viejo Mundo he’s steadily conquering the Early Music stages in Belgium and abroad. In this podcast he explains his approach to music of the Medieval, Renaissance and early Baroque periods.

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Olivier Poumay: harmonica (in French)

On the occasion of the exhibition Toots 100. The Sound of a Belgian Legend at KBR, we'd like to honour the harmonica. Olivier Poumay, harmonica player, jazzman, musical nomad in perpetual search of new sounds, tells us about his instrument and the paths he travels with it. A walk in the immense world of a very small instrument!

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Olivier Pournay - © Hervé Blieck
© Hervé Blieck

Christophe Morisset: serpent (in French)

For this Christmas season, the MIM is honouring an instrument that has long been played in the church: the serpent. Serpent player Christophe Morisset talks passionately about the history, use, cessation and resurrection of this strange but fascinating instrument.

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Nabou Claerhout: trombone (in Dutch)

Trombone player Nabou Claerhout shares the love she has for her instrument… she shows it can be very warm and dark but also very spicy and punchy!

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Jefferson Louvat: mandoline (in French)

Jefferson Louvat guides us through the history & repertoire of this versatile plucked instrument! Moreover, he treats us with some lovely music Szabadság, his latest project.

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Gwen Cresens: Happy Birthday Piazolla! (in Dutch)

On March 11, we celebrated Astor Piazzolla's 100th birthday. We did this in the fine company of Gwen Cresens, who knows the repertoire of this grandmaster of the bandoneon very well! It was a real treat to learn so much about the instrument and its music.

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Jan Caeyers: a walk with Beethoven (in Dutch)

A walk in the MIM at the time of Beethoven. Biographer and conductor Jan Caeyers talks enthusiastically about the instruments, the music and provides context.

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