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Toots Challenge

Toots Challenge

One of the greatest Belgian musicians of all time was born 100 years ago in Brussels. He conquered the international jazz scene and  left a great impression everywhere ... with his musicality, his inspiring and warm personality.

What does he mean today for musicians of different generations? Do the musicians who were born when he was already very old, or even no longer with us, still know him? We want to explore this by challenging them to work with his music and share their own interpretation with the widest possible audience!

Feeling challenged ?

Send your version/interpretation of a Toots song, or your own composition that you came up with as a tribute to this ‘ket’ (image + sound; maximum 3 min., mp4, short bio + motivation). Choose the language, instrument(s) and company you feel comfortable with.

We will show your entry in and through the MIM. Every week we will invite our visitors to choose a nominee. On 25 June 2022, the winners will present their version to a jury, which will reward the best with... a performance on a Brussels stage!


Share your contribution with us before 20.06.2022 so that we can show it to the MIM visitors and they can vote for you to get your place in the final on 25 June 2022!

One address: Please mention 'Toots Challenge' in the subject line. We would like to receive your file via a download link (wetransfer) in your email. Additional questions welcome at

Good luck!