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Discovery tour

Choose between an interactive guided tour of the exhibition rooms or a guided tour guided tour +, which combines a general discovery of the collections with a session in the Atelier, a space dedicated to musical practice.

Guided tour

1st-6th secondary

More than a simple collection of objects, the museum of musical instruments is a universe where each piece bears witness to a history, a cultural environment or beliefs. By listening to music, observing and playing certain instruments, the guide and the young people will discuss the place of music in their lives. The visit, conceived as a global approach to the museum, will also allow the discovery of the history of the collections, how a museum is created and managed, as well as the beautiful Old England building, a jewel of Brussels' art nouveau.

Guided tour +

1st-6th secondary

A first discovery of the MIM's collection, unique in its diversity. The students will travel around the world, from Europe to Oceania, via Senegal or Indonesia. They will also be immersed in the musical practices of different eras, from the Egyptian harp to the first electric instruments. The guide will lead them to take a critical look at their own relationship to music. A time of collective practice in the Atelier will allow them to experience some of the musical processes evoked in the museum's rooms.


Price: € 90 (15 children + 1 supervisor per group)
Time: 90 min (guided tour, 6 groups maximum / guided tour +, 3 groupes maximum)
Bookings: complete this form or call +32 (0)2 741 73 02