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Birthdays at the MIM: practical guide for parents

Your child is have a birthday: let’s celebrate! Now we know that organising a birthday party can involve quite a bit of stress. Don't worry, we have got you covered, just read on for a step by step practical guide. And then all you have to do is get the cake out of the oven on time!

First of all, may we kindly ask you to stick to the agreed maximum of 15 children per guide. This way all participants can see and hear everything properly.

It is best to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the activity. The people at the welcome desk will look up your reservation and print out your tickets. Upon entering the museum, these tickets will be scanned by a guard.

The cloakroom consists of lockers and is free of charge. Backpacks, large bags and umbrellas must be stowed at all times.

It is a good idea to bring a large bag to put the presents in. These can then be taken to the Atelier together with cake and drinks. The guide, or a guard, will be happy to show you the way. Please note: the museum does not provide cake or drinks, you can bring these yourself.

In the Atelier, there is a refrigerator that you can use during the activity.

It is nice if the activity can start on time. Latecomers can be met at the welcome desk or by an accompanying parent.

We ask that 1 parent stays with the group during the activity. 1 parent is enough to help the guide, when there are too many helpers the children can get distracted.

The activity takes 2 hours: the guide will meet you at the welcome desk, take the group on an exploration of the galleries and afterwards to our studio where the children can get creative (all depending on the theme chosen). Afterwards, the children are invited to drink a glass of grenadine together.

If you have chosen to use the lunch area to eat cake and open presents after the activity, the guide will explain to you where to go. After that, you are free to use the area. Of course, it is nice for the next person if you tidy up once you are done.

For safety reasons, you are not allowed to light candles on the cake.

The museum closes at 17:00. That means it is best to clean up around 16:45 and to start making your way to the exit. Possibly a guard will come around to check.


And then it's over! Thanks for celebrating with us and we very much hope to see you again next time!