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Ancient Frequencies + //Translation//

Ancient Frequencies, Raphaël Vens

//Translation//, Stephanie Laforce

Ancient Frequencies (Raphaël Vens)

This installation is inspired by a common architectural practice within ancient theaters, and later, followed by some churches. At the time, vases were inserted into the walls of buildings to transform the acoustics of the place. These vases served as resonators or absorber of frequencies, which modified the sound quality of the buildings.

Based on this idea, a large amphora, placed on a pedestal at the level of a mouth, gathers the songs of visitors. Each of these songs are recorded, transformed, and broadcast by the loudspeakers which encircle the visitor. Each song morphs into a personal choir since the installation uses the newly created recording. The choir has its own melody and harmony. The experience becomes unique for each budding singer.

//Translation// (Stéphanie Laforce)

The audience is invited to manipulate a hybrid instrument, born from the marriage of an old sewing machine and a digital device created by the artist. The work is based on the idea of synesthesia; a musical evocation of the dreamy states experienced during long journeys. The landscape scrolls at the speed of a pedalboard and becomes the paper of a music box to be deciphered and interpreted.

The music of the installation mixes railway sounds with sounds generated by retouching drawn into the image. The voice of the lyric singer Laurence Renson enriches the experience. This interactive installation is accompanied by photographs of landscapes taken by the artist through the windows of vehicles. For the artist, these recordings are real graphic scores whose "programmed" melodies are dictated by reality. Come and pedal-dream in immersion!

Opening of the installations

The opening of the installations will take place on 1 February between 12 am and 2 pm, with a performance by Raphaël Vens at 1 pm. He will play with the songs collected at the beginning of the festival and will bring together all the visitors who participated in the installation.