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Inside the orchestra

Workshop in collaboration with the BNO

from the age of 5

Step into the world of the orchestra and experience an unforgettable musical morning! Firstly, start off with a visit at the MIM for a discovery tour of the galleries. How do you play the violin and how is it different from a cello? What does a horn sound like? Do the musicians always sit in the same spot in the orchestra? In the workshop space, the class will transform into an actual orchestra with the help of a museum conductor! Secondly, this little band moves off to the rehearsal rooms of the Belgian National Orchestra (BNO) to attend part of a rehearsal of this...

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Price: € 90 (15 children + 1 supervisor per group, 3 groups maximum)
Time: 2h30
Bookings: or  +32 (0)2 741 73 02