Western wind instruments

by Géry Dumoulin

Wind instruments occur in all world cultures, in folk, traditional and art music. At the mim you'll find the wind instruments used in traditional and non-Western art music in other parts of the collection. The instruments discussed here are used in Western art music, though not exclusively in that context.

The mim has more than 1,500 Western wind instruments and related items. In terms of typology, date and origin, they are diverse enough to be able to provide a wonderful overview of the evolution of wind instrument-making and performance practice in the West.

  • recorders, flageolets: c. 150
  • flutes: c. 300
  • clarinets: c. 250
  • saxophones: 35
  • shawms, bombards, crumhorns: c. 50
  • oboes, English horns: c. 100
  • bassoons, sarrusophones, rothphones: c. 100
  • cornetts, serpents, Russian bassoons: c. 100
  • keyed bugles, ophicleids: 35
  • bugles, cavalry trumpets: c. 50
  • natural trumpets, valved trumpets and cornets: c. 150
  • natural horns, valved horns: c. 100
  • trombones, buccins: c. 75
  • saxhorns, tubas: c. 100

In addition there are copies of instruments, mouthpieces, valve mechanisms, shanks and crooks, mutes, spare parts, batons, experimental instruments, assorted items, cases, etc.

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