the galleries

The mim collection is displayed on four floors, each with its own perspective.


This room tells the story of keys and keyboards in the Western world. It's a story of invention, codification, exploration and endless possibilities.


In this room you'll find thematic, more or less chronological exhibits from Western classical music, ranging from late medieval and renaissance times up to the end of the 19th C.


A favourite for many visitors is the room dedicated to traditional musical instruments. The tour starts in Belgium and passes through a whole series of European traditions to cultures from around the world. Besides the well-known Scottish version, many more countries appear to have their own type of bagpipes, Tibetan monks make musical instruments out of the bones of their deceased colleagues, and African slit drums are the local form of Twitter.


"Musicus mechanicus" is the title of the collection of mechanical, electrical and electronic instruments. The showpiece is the componium, a nineteenth-century orchestrion that automatically composes an infinite variety of music! On this floor you will also find clocks and bells.