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You have discovered the musical instruments museum (mim) and you are interested, captivated, maybe even moved by your discovery?

Indeed, the mim is a treasure chest of artistic projects, of adventurous initiations to the music, of pedagogical support for musicians and aspiring musicians, of important thematical exhibitions. Its permanent aim is to thrill its visitors, to assist music educators, researchers, professionals (performers or instrument makers) and seduce the curious. The museum also endeavours to display and make audible all the different sounds and harmonies. Why not also become a member of the friends of the mim, i.e. a friend of the musical instruments museum, an exceptional musical institution which has no equivalent in the world?

What are "the friends of the mim"?

 It is a non-profit organisation (asbl), founded in 1965, that brings together people of all walks of life, education and social status who share the love of music, and of beautiful music related art objects and artefacts.

The friends goal is to increase the radiance of and support for their Museum, in all useful ways and in close cooperation with its experts in musical instrumentology and museology.

What are "the friends of mim" objectives?

  • help maintain and increase the mim's national and international radiance
  • participate in the development of its patrimony
  • contribute to the restoration of its instruments and to the improvement of its documentary tools, and enrich its collections

 In view of this, the friends of the mim endeavour to:

  • collect various means of support such as gifts, donations, loans, legacies and the like
  • devote time and/or means to answering requests from the scientific Museum personnel for assistance in instrumental museology, musicology, historical research, and study of interpretative techniques

For instance the friends of the mim have offered the museum several items for its collections such as the exceptional chromatic Art Nouveau Pleyel harp displayed on the fourth floor of the museum.  The association has provided research and material for the musical awareness work shops organized for hearing impaired children and teenagers. It also took steps to purchase archives documenting the history of jazz in Belgium and helped the family of the deceased harpsichord maker, Ivan de Halleux, transfer and install his workshop in the mim.


Whoever wishes to bring his or her moral, financial or expert assistance to the musical instruments museum is therefore invited to become a member of its friends.

What are the membership benefits?

As an associate member:

  • the pleasure of joining and supporting a cultural project of international significance. Its 7000 musical instruments make the mim indeed one of the outstanding musicological institutions in the world, if not the foremost.
  • free admission to the permanent collections
  • personal invitations to the annual guided visit, to the informative excursions and the exclusive conferences organised by the friends
  • reduced rates for participating in cultural activities scheduled in the museum and friends programs
  • the friends newsletters and the agenda of museum activities
  • 10% discount on articles for sale in the museumshop.

As an active member:

  • all the preceding benefits as well as
  • attendance and voting rights at the Members' General Assembly
  • personal invitations to the opening of temporary exhibitions and other events.

How to become a member of the friends of the mim ?

Fill in the membership form and pay your dues in one of the following categories :

  • associate member: 25 €
  • associate member with partner: 38 €
  • student -26 years: 15€
  • active member: 75€
  • active member with partner: 100€

The friends of the mim moreover will appreciate all other tokens of interest and support : 

  • gifts
  • information on collectors willing to grant, loan or bequeath instruments and documentation to the Museum
  • personal expertise for improving the collections

Secretariat  of  "the friends of the mim"

Mrs. F. Loppé, rue du Trône 196, 1050-Brussels

Tel : 02.640 52 58 (weekdays from 9 till 12 a.m.)      

Fax : 02.688 11 09

Email : click here