Teschemacher chamber organ


Positive organ made by Jacob Engelbert Teschemacher (1711-1782), in Wuppertal (Germany) around 1750. Restored in 1999 by Lukas Fischer in Rommerskirchen (Germany), with the support of Fortis bank.

Engelbert Teschemacher is particularly famous for his "Hausorgeln" or house organs. The piece kept in the mim is one of Teschemacher's first creations. This instrument was made especially for 18th century galante music, voice accompaniment and continuo-playing within small instrumental groups.

Its registers are organized in the following fashion:

Octava 1' Principal 2'
Fleut traverso 4' Quinta 1 1/2'
Bordun 8' Violin Disc 2'
Tremulant Gedackt 2'

The organist may pump the air into the organ himself however, seeing as this would require extremely skillfull playing, this task was presumably appointed to an assistant.

The Teschemacher chamber organ is features on cd mim001 with Jos van Immerseel playing various historic keyboards of the mim collection. This cd is for sale in our museumshop.

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