recent acquisitions

The mim continues to enhance its collection with new acquisitions, which allow the museum to better illustrate the immense diversity in wind instrument making. This section turns a spotlight on some recent acquisitions.

N° 28259 / Saxophone Soprano en Si b breveté / Adolphe Sax Facteur / de la Mson Milre de l'Empereur / 50 rue St Georges à Paris / AS PARIS monogram. Additional marks: Fanfares des Charbonnages / de Péronnes / 3. Near the rim: V 5-pointed star / 1864 / 19.

The first purchase of 2009 was this brass soprano saxophone in B flat. It is unique for the fact that it was used in Belgium in the fanfare band of the Charbonnages de Péronnes (Péronnes collieries) close to Binche. It carries the serial number 28259 and several additional marks including the year 1864, which provide a more accurate dating than musicological literature could offer us until now.

A. Sax soprano saxophone