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The mim staff is honoured and very happy to host the fourth and final conference of the COST WoodMusICK action from 5 till 7 October 2017.

This conference will be dedicated to the preservation of wooden musical instruments. It is meant to share conservation issues, aiming at the best possible collaboration of professionals in preservation. The audience will consist of both conservators and the field adjoining professionals.

The conservation of wooden musical instruments involves the preservation of tangible and intangible values. Often conservators are facing various dilemmas in balancing between preserving the current state of an instrument (conservation), returning to its previous or original state (restoration) and/or making instruments functional again (repair), establishing criteria for the use of the instruments (playability).

In order to have a correct understanding of the complex reality represented by each instrument, the decision making process requires a close collaboration between different figures (i.e. conservators, curators, musicologists, historians, makers, musicians, conservation and materials scientists) for a proper management of various factors such as the condition of the instrument, its uniqueness, owners' desire, conservation materials, limitations of methods, cost and time. The process is therefore not easy and sometimes not possible as criteria are not weighted and standardised. 


Attending the confenrence is free of charge, but registratrion by email is required.