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Museum Night Fever



Can you feel it too ? Birds tweet, flowers bloom, and the museums in Brussels stay up late having fun. There's a name for it: Museum Night Fever.

What can you expect at the mim ?

Exposés by students

Here and there you will find signs telling you at what time and in which language students will give short presentations about their favorite instrument.

Dance à la carte by Compania Caminante

Five young Spanish dancers open up a Fast Foot Restaurant in our concert hall. Call the waitress and order a totally customized performance.

Give your body to science

Researchers from Brussels University doing tests on humans (you, of course). We're not giving any more details, except that the experiments involve heavy doses of excellent Belgian chocolate.

Hit those keys

Got itchy fingers after visiting our new Keyboard gallery ? Nord and ROLI instruments are at your disposal to relieve the craving. Amaze or appall yourself and the passers by !

Practical info

All you need to know is on


Doors at 7 pm. Last entry at 12.15 am. We close at 1 am.