The knaptand is a type of clapper in an animal costume with the head of a wolf or dog. The player within the costume can make the jaws of the muzzle clap together. Between the upper and lower jaw is a spring attached to a cord. Pulling the cord opens the jaws, releasing it allows them to clap shut.

The term 'knaptand' applies equally to the player within the costume. Groups of these players accompany Dendermonde's annual parade of giants and the ten-yearly Ros Beiaard pageant. They act as stewards, as it were, using their clappers to keep the spectators at a distance as the parade goes by. To tease, they snatch hats, caps and other headwear, which they then throw back into the concourse.

This knaptand, probably made for the 1914 Ros Beiaard pageant, was donated to the mim in 1988 by the town council of Dendermonde.

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