fretted clavichord


This fretted clavichord was constructed by Martin Kather in Bielefeld (Germany) in 1999. Our inventory number 1999.010 is a copy of one of the oldest preserved clavichords, of Italian origin, namely clavichord n° 2 (Italy c. 1540) at the Museum of Musical Instruments in Leipzig.

Inside a clavichord, pairs of strings are made to vibrate when a tangent attached to the back of each key strikes them. This model is a so-called "fretted clavichord", characterized by the fact that unlike the "un-fretted clavichord", multiple keys share the same pair of strings. Therefore, keys that are "fretted" or linked to the same string cannot be played simultaneously. The back of the keys is not straight.

The decoration of this clavichord, identical to the original, is extremely sober and emphasizes the extraordinary workmanship of the rosette, which consists of several layers of perforated parchment.

clavichord 1999.010 in its case
clavichord 1999.010 in open case
clavichord 1999.010 without its cas
detail of clavichord 1999.010