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BEM : Music & Technology Corner II - Exploring Interactivity

13/10/2018 - 14:00 - 22:00

Ohme and Wired Electronics are proud to present the second edition of the Music & Technology Corner, that will take place on Saturday 13 October 2018 in the framework of the Brussels Electronic Marathon 18. For this edition, the MTC will take over the mim from 14:00 to 22:00. As for the previous edition, the idea behind the MTC is to highlight technological and scientific characteristics of the production and the perception of electronic music. This year's edition main topic is interactivity, intended as the new ways in which the dynamic man - machine - man is developed and applied in contemporary music. Thanks to the support of Innoviris, the Music & Technology Corner proudly continues to be a free event.

Ohme and Wired Electronics have put together artistscientists and practitioners for an all-day gathering that transcends the borders between electronic musicinnovative technologies  and unexpected interactive applications. With a busy programme of talks and demos, workshops and interactive performances as well as lives, the Music & Technology Corner will showcase the very best of innovation and experimentation at the crossing border between artistic creation and technological application. 

Today we are witnessing the huge impact that technology innovations have on artistic practices, and we cannot ignore the fact that the reverse process is coming up, building up a wave of creatives and artists that take a leap into the scientific and technological domains to expand the horizon of their own practices. Technical development and creative application influence each other like never before. This is the reason why they deserve a targeted attention in the context of the Brussels Electronic Marathon, the biggest Brussels-based festival of electronic cultures. The collaboration between Ohme and Wired Electronics is natural for this event because it combines two actors, who are respectively specialised in the curation of events at the nexus of Arts & Sciences, and in the technologies of production of electronic music. 



NSDOS I Valery Vermeulen Mikromedas I Paola de Narvaez I Nicolas d'Alessandro Hovertone


Wired Electronics I Sine (Boris Wilmot & Quentin Tinphet Milouchy) I Holonic Systems


Damien Petitot Signal_Video I Xavier Gazon I Exo¬terrism 顯宗法 I Holonic Systems


Ohme is a multidisciplinary project designed to develop convivial events highlighting Science, Arts, Technologies and Ideas Debate. We are in the process of developing, in partnership with various actors of the Brussels scientific and artistic community, a series of thematic multiform events presenting scientific, technological and artistic contents in accessible and participative formats. For example, we want to offer to different audiences:

- Popular scientific and / or technological content (presentation of research, participatory workshops, seminar series)

- Artistic performances related to science and / or technology

- Conferences-debates on major technological topics of society

- A forum for various entities with interesting scientific and / or artistic projects with a positive societal impact

- A pole of conviviality where people can meet around content of quality                                                                                                       


Wired Electronics is Brussels' modular synth hub. Networking people and organising events since 2010, the collective organises popular modular synth meetings presenting the newest gear by manufacturers, live performances, workshops and jam sessions for the pleasure of your ears and the bliss of your geek.


Brussels electronic marathon is a three-day urban electronic music festival, spread over more than 30 venues across the capital city. The festival is the result of a collaborative effort between numerous local collectives who together create and build the Brussels music scene. From October 13 to 15, BEM will host dozens of events to showcase the talent our city has to offer. BEM is a many-sided festival, with parties, art installations, workshops, talks, introductory activities for kids and their families, and all sorts of other wonderful things. The festival focuses on electronic music, in the widest sense possible.

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BEM : Music & Technology Corner II - Exploring Interactivity