altérateurs de timbre des cordophones - publications et présentations

Publications scientifiques réalisées dans le cadre du projet :

  • Stéphanie Weisser & Olivier Lartillot, Investigating non-western musical timbre: a need for joint approaches.” Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis, June 6-7, 2013. Amsterdam, Netherlands. P. van Kranenburg, C. Anagnostopoulou, and A. Volk (Eds.). Amsterdam: Meertens Institute, Utrecht: Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Utrecht University: 33-39
  • Stéphanie Weisser & Matthias Demoucron, “Shaping the resonance. Sympathetic strings in Hindustani classical instruments.” Proceedings of the 163d Acoustical Society of America, 13-18 May, 2012 Hong-Kong, China.
  • Stéphanie Weisser, Jean-Pierre Hermand & Qun-Yan Ren, “The Ethiopian Lyre Bagana. An Ethno-Acoustical study”, Proceedings of the 163d Acoustical Society of America, 13-18 May, 2012 Hong-Kong, China.
  • Matthias Demoucron & Stéphanie Weisser, “Bowed strings and sympathy, from violins to indian sarangis.” Proceedings of Acoustics 2012 (11th Congrès Français d'Acoustique and 2012 Institute of Acoustics Annual Meeting), 23 - 27 April 2012, Nantes (France).
  • Stéphanie Weisser & Maarten Quanten, “Rethinking Musical Instruments Classification. Towards a Modular Approach to the Hornbostel-Sachs System.” Yearbook for Traditional Music, vol. 43, 2011, p. 174-198.

Présentations dans des conférences internationales

  • Stéphanie Weisser, “Sound in organology – The « timbre modifiers in chordophones » project.” CIMCIM. Annual Meeting of the International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections, Paris-Bruxelles, 2011.
  • Stéphanie Weisser, “Les altérateurs de timbre des cordophones. Le bagana éthiopien et la tampura indienne. Journées des Jeunes Chercheurs en Audition, Acoustique musicale et Signal audio (JJCAAS), Ircam, Paris, France, 2010.
  • Stéphanie Weisser & Maarten Quanten. "Are musical instruments Schrödinger's cats? Recent problems in musical instruments classification." DMRN+5: Digital Music Research Network One-day Workshop 2010, Queen Mary, University of London (Royaume-Uni), 2010