europalia.china and mim

Thanks to Europalia, the People's Republic of China is very much in evidence in our country this season. Three-hundred times the size of Belgium, China is a country of extreme contrasts: very cold in the north, tropically warm elsewhere, deserts, flood plains and plateaus, and magnificent mountain tops. Though little known in Europe, Chinese music is as rich and varied as the landscape and the people. 

Tying in with europalia.china, in November we have hosted the annual international conference of CHIME, the European Foundation for Chinese Music Research. The subject of the conference was 'Chinese and East Asian Music: the future of the past'. For further information, click here.

Treats for the general public included concerts of traditional Chinese music and the special China Weekend on December 5th and 6th, organized in association with Bozar. On 23 January, an initiation into the qin (seven-stringed zither), followed by an introductory lecture and a qin concert by Cheng Yu are scheduled. The qin is also instrument of the month of January 2010.