The hand-written label tells us that this cello was built by Marcus Snoeck in Brussels in 1718.

The mim has several instruments by the Brussels family of Snoeck instrument-makers and musicians, but Marcus is the most famous scion. He was born in Brussels in 1694 and died there in 1762. He was court luthier for over 30 years. He signed most of his instruments "Marcus Snoeck" but we sometimes also find the gallicized "Marcus Broché" (for example on cello inv. 2877).

From a technical point of view, he built his instruments very much in the tradition of the Low Countries. They were not built round a mould; rather the sides were anchored in grooves cut into the back. This cello inv. 1373 testifies to that building method, even if the neck is no longer the original. Interestingly, the body of this Snoeck cello is not made of maple but of poplar as is sometimes the case with older instruments originating in these parts.

cello inv.1373
cello inv.1373, side view