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atelier Meuwissen

werktafel (c) Rudi van Beek

The mim likes to think of its patrimony as a living body, not mummified and enclosed in vaults and vitrines but strongly connected with living musicians, music teachers and instrument makers. By welcoming a luthier (or maker of string instruments) within its own confines, the mim is taking this idea one step further. From May 2015 on, visitors will have the opportunity to inspect a workshop where string instruments are made on the spot. At given times spontaneous interaction with the craftsmen and women will be possible, and of course the educational and scientific services will find their own ways of collaborating with this new entity in the museum.

It's a first, in many  ways, yet at the same time this particular project is rooted in longstanding friendships with both the Queen Elisabeth Competition and the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. It is the Chapel who ordered the instruments that will be made in the workshop, whilst the project starts during the session of the Competition for violin in 2015, and will finish during the very first session for cellists, in 2017. If this project turns out to be a success, the mim is determined to continue along the same lines and invite other instrument builders to settle in temporarily at the museum.

Visitors can glance at the activity inside the studio at all times through vitrines. Groups can book a guided tour that includes a passage in the Atelier Meuwissen. Please contact Thomas at +32 473 20 99 53 or